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Mautic to Markeing Automation

The Mautic today is a biggest automation systems open source for businness marketing automation. It is frequently used like a resource to build data bases to segment contacts lists.

Mautic have a leads capture propose and whole comunication. It i s a very good tool to work with big audiences, but theres some dificult to work with “one-by-one” client. Whem your lead is few steps to be an client, send him to a CRM is more productive.
To conect your Mautic to Perfex CRM, you can use our API.

Send a webhook from Mautic

To send a webhook from Mautic you need to create a campaign and add a “send webhook action”. Follow this steps below to know how you can do it:

The URL rote to send your webhook: https://yourperfex.com/api_leads

  • 1 – Create a new campaign.
  • 2 – Chose your data source.
  • 3 – Create a new action: Send webhook.
  • 4 – Configure the endpoint URL to recive the webhook, and add the field required to compose the POST to create a new lead on Perfex CRM. May you use the template above.
  • 5 – Save and ative the campaign.
Modelo de envio de webhook.

To know more information about the functions of API, fields and resource para construct your webhook follouw the instructions at API documentation.


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