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Integrate Perfex CRM from Webhook

The first Perfex API developed by our dev team was projetcted to integrate the Perfex to Mautic. The way to do it was doing a transaction between two system from Webhook POST method. On this way, it have the possiblility travel an information from a system to another, fast and secure.

How webhook works?

Webhooks send a data in real time between systems or another APIs from an especific URL .

The comunication is from a HTTP protocol, and the data travel on a web request.

The content may travel in a text formmat, XML or JSOM format, JSOM is a structured string, this is important to sure interpretation on de webhook reciver. JSON is the forma reciver from Perfex API

The JSON is a light method to swap data between systems. JSON is initials by JavaScript Object Notation, but it cannot only jscript support to trafic this data.

In the JSON format the data are organized like a array list. The content recive a Key and Value data. The Key data is like a index and the Value data is the information about this field. All Webhooks send for our API need the same Keys, but the Value is variable according lead data.

How to send a webhook for Perfex API?

After the API setupin your host, you needsend a POST, in JSON forma whith the field in the “body” fields.

You may send the POST using any app using ths POST method. Our suggestion is you use the POSTMAN software (https://www.getpostman.com/downloads/).

The POST need to be sent to the endpoint: https://yourperfex.com/api_leads

Below have a printscreen to guide your POST setup if you are using POSTMAN:

Could you consult the release documentation to know about the functions and the key if you need to send to create or update the Lead o the Perfex. There some required field fields to create a new lead. If you don´t send they the API cannot create a new Lead.

Each webhook sucess send will return code 200, and the message about the result of funcion executed.

This is a best method to test and setup the webhook to been in production. If all are working well, replicate this POST in your sistem to send a sucess lead to Perfex CRM.


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